Acceptance Letter

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If you are preparing to go on a mission, it can be an exciting and nerve wracking time! After receiving your call, you will be required to write an acceptance letter. You can either do it on the missionary website or formally write one on the paper provided to you in your missionary packet. I have found that a lot of sisters struggle with what they should write in theirs so I would like to share mine with all of you!

Dear Brethren,
Thank you for giving me this remarkable opportunity to go out and be a representative of Jesus Christ. Upon preparing to go on a mission I struggled with whether it was the right decision for me. Throughout my preparation, I turned to prayer, scripture study, my patriarchal blessing, and even conference talks. I learned that I need not be commanded in all things, and that I should stop doubting, and rather start doing. Once I submitted my papers I knew that it was right, and that a mission is part of my eternal plan. The weeks leading up to receiving my call were long, and I became very anxious. Once my call arrived, I could not believe that it was actually all happening. I got up in front of my friends and family and the power of the spirit took over my entire body. Through shaking words, and tears in my eyes, I read where I would be serving for the next 18 months. I never would have placed myself in Canada, but the more I ponder, the more I know it is the perfect place for me. I am nervous to have to speak 2 other languages, but I believe in the gift of tongues and I am confident that the Lord knows my abilities. I have a strong testimony of this church and of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Never before have I been more confident and sure of a decision. I know that missionary work is divine. While I am out in the field I will be teaching people that my Heavenly Fathered has prepared to receive me, I will be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I am thankful to belong to the one true church here on Earth. I know that my savior lives, and that he died for my sins. I know that this gospel is for imperfect people, myself included. Because of Jesus Christ and his atonement, I know that I can return to him one day. I am thankful for a modern day prophet and apostles, I know that they are the voice of my loving Heavenly Father here on earth. I know the gospel is for families. I am so thankful to have the loving supportive family that I do today. I can not wait to help families come unto Christ and be with their families for eternity. I know a mission will help me prepare for my role in this divinity. I know that throughout my time there I will grow and progress into the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be. A mission is not for me, but rather it is for my beloved Savior. I will continue to press forward with faith, and look forward to teaching the people of Montréal, Canada. I humbly and lovingly accept my call to serve. Thank you so much,

Sister Ivonne Garcia

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