Greetings from the MTC!

6:05 PM

Bonjour tout le monde!
 Well today is day 3 here in the MTC or as you normal people call it, Friday. Today also happens to be my P-day! Hallelujah chorus. I know that I have only really made it through 2 full days here but let me tell you, I definitely needed a day off, Haha the MTC is great, it really is.

 Day 1 was crazy. I said peace out to the fam and immediately got a name tag and a million pounds of books. I dropped off my bags and then headed straight to class. It was all in French which, I don't speak just in case any of you were wondering. So I just smiled and said, "oui" a lot. It was great.

There are 12 of us in my district, 6 sisters, 6 elders and we are all headed to Montréal! 2 other elders are also going Spanish and French speaking and one other elder is going Mandarin and French. How neat is that? We have 2 teachers who are under strict order to not speak any english. So whenever I ask a question they answer a ton of different ways in French until I figure out what they're saying. Their names are Frère Nollet from Belgium and Frère Davis who served in France.

In our zone, we have all the French speakers. Most of them are headed to France, but there are a few going to Tahiti, Africa, and Vanuatu as well. Way cool. Not even jealous that they're going to be in the warm sunshine while I casually freeze to death in the great white north. For some reason I thought they were going to put me in a Spanish class as well as a French class. But really they just gave me a ton of books in Spanish and basically said, "good luck." So lol. I'm pretty much on my own with Spanish, but that's okay! All is well. I'll just work on that a lot during language study.

 My comps name is Sœur Zobrist, she's from San Clemente, California. We actually met through instagram a while back! She's super great and we get along really well. The other sisters in my district are super great too, it's all just been a lot of fun getting through this new experience together.

 Day 2 was a blur. I could not fall asleep the night before which is a little ridiculous because I was so tired. And then before I knew it my comps alarm clock was going off. 6:30 is bright and early folks, especially when you didn't sleep.

The 2nd day was spent mainly with my district, we had a teacher for like 2 hours tops. We did a lot of personal study and companionship study and language study. So basically all the studying one could handle. And then we went to this devotional and I literally fell asleep, it was so bad! My poor comp was like, "Sœur Garcia, wake up!!" Woops. I'll get better, promise.

 I am constantly exhausted. I definitely get what everyone talks about. My day is basically just learning French, and when I'm not learning French, I'm studying, and when I'm not studying, I'm probably praying, and when I'm not praying I'm either eating or asleep. There is no "down time" here. Only on P-day. (Which is bomb, because temple, and e-mails, and sweats.) However, even though I look like the walking dead, I am so happy to be here! A mission is such an amazing experience, and I feel the spirit all the time. The French is coming along, I can successfully pray in French, and say the missionary purpose statement, so I call that a win.

The MTC isn't all that bad. It's fun to know that there are thousands of people here going through the same exact thing as me. I RAN INTO LAUREN HOPKINS DAY 1. So basically super blessed. Thanks Heavenly Father Well that's about it. WRITE ME. SEND ME THINGS. V-day is coming up, so ladies hug all the boys you can for me, k? Love you bye!!

 -Sœur Garcia/ Hermana Garcia

Me and sister Hopkins who leaves for California on Monday ):
Sœur Zobrist, Sœur Thomas, Me, Sœur Prince, and Sœur Watson
 Me and Sœur Zobrist (clearly don't look tired at all)
Temple day!
Me, Sœur Zobrist, and Sœur Thomas were a trio for a day because one sisters were sick
2 name tags because I'm cool

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