Halfway through the MTC!

11:00 AM

I can not even believe that in 18 days I will be on the plane to Montréal! Not that I'm counting down until I am released from this place or anything...Well this week actually went by really fast! When the new frenchies from last week were cheering about how they'd been here a week I thought they were lying!

This past Sunday my comp and I had to teach the lesson. It was on enduring to the end which was way nice because I feel like on a mission there's lots of ends that you need to endure through. For example, the MTC, first transfer, final transfer. Currently I am enduring through the MTC. There are times when I really love it, and there are also times when I want to just dig myself out of here. Nothing like being confined to the same brown room every day to give you a nice case of cabin fever. But my district tries super hard to just make the best of it and have a lot of fun. We goof around a lot because it's the only way to get through the day.

Tuesday was devotional! We heard from Rosemary M. Wixom, the primary general president. It was awesome! But my absolute favorite part was choir. During choir rehearsals we practiced the primary song 'a child's prayer' with the grandchildren of the MTC presidency. They were so cute! The children were like beams of sunshine here. All the sisters were like drooling over them because seeing kids is like seeing a unicorn, it just doesn't happen.

My favorite part of sister Wixom's talk was when she shared a story about a village in Africa. They don't get missionaries because they don't have enough member support. However, after hearing about the church and the gospel they wrote a letter to the first presidency. They told them that they needed the gospel the way that they needed air. It just made me realize that I am so lucky to have the gospel in my life and to live where I live. I don't even think I desire the gospel that much in my life currently, but I really hope to get to that point.

Wednesday was CHRISTMAS. Not real Christmas, it's only February silly's. But we got to host new missionaries! It was so much fun. Mainly because I got to skip all my classes for like 4 hours! I got chosen as a "special host" which basically means I got to help all the early arrivals. Most of them were international and didn't get dropped off by family. I was the first face to be able to welcome them to the MTC. Lucky them, am I right? I loved it! They were so scared and sad and nervous and I basically just had to let them know that everything was going to be alright and people actually do survive this place believe it or not.

When I hosted the normal arrivals, that was fun. It's seriously the most hectic crazy thing. A ton of cars pull up and then a ton of missionaries just approach the cars. Then we have to unload luggage while the parents hop on out. They are allowed 3 minutes to say goodbye and get a picture. And normally there are tons of tears from the mom and some serious dad jokes before they get a "goodbye kiddo, I'll miss you" and then I take their luggage and escort them to get their tags, books, drop off their luggage, and then straight to class. It's pretty great. And then repeat until no more missionaries show up!

We taught another TRC lesson this week. Which is where we teach actual members. But the nice thing was that we actually knew about it this time! My comp and I got to teach a father/daughter duo and then some best friends. The dad and daughter are from Paris and they moved to Utah 5 months ago. They are so sweet and so cute! and then the friends one is from Paris and the other is from Singapore but served his mission in Paris. They just giggled every time we messed up. But we did really well! I was able to share some personal experiences along with the message which is a huge step up from where I used to be.

All in all, I am progressing, and I'm sure my time here at the MTC will be up before I know it! Everything is good. My zone is pretty much amazing, I love them! It'll be super sad to say goodbye, but it will be more exciting to get out into the field.

P.S. In french there is a phrase equivalent to "See ya later, alligator" and its " A plus sous la bus" Which means later under the bus. Hahaha oh French is fun.

Until next week! Love you all!

-Sœur Garcia 

Temple on Sunday
All the sistas of district 21-B
Cute companion pics 
After hosting!

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