Another week down!

11:30 AM

Hello everyone!

It is actually P-day again, I can't even believe it! This week honestly went by pretty quickly so that's really great. It means I am one week closer to Canada. The more time I spend in the MTC, the more it feels like the MTC is my whole mission haha. I know it's not, but it sure feels like it.

This week was really good! So much happened. We lost 29 members of our zone on Monday. They finally headed out to the field, most to France, and some to Tahiti. Church on Sunday was the best. Normally they will pick 2 random missionaries from the crowd and they have to go up and give a talk. However, the missionaries that were leaving did not want to give a talk so they got the branch presidency to let them do a musical program. Oh. My. Goodness. It was amazing. They performed so many wonderful pieces but the absolute best was how they ended it. The Tahitian zone went up and sang "God be with you till we meet again" but they sang it in Tahitian, French, and English. Not a single dry eye in the audience. The spirit was so strong even though we couldn't understand half of what they were saying. It was so cool, the Tahitians are the best! 

On Tuesday, we had the greatest surprise for devotional. ELDER RONALD A. RASBAND of the quorum of the 12 apostles came and spoke to us. Before the devotional, they had all the missionaries read his talk, 'The Divine Call of a Missionary'. In there, he explains how the process of deciding where a missionary is going to serve works. It's really so interesting how much time is put into every single assignment. The whole throwing a dart at a map theory? That's not true! Elder Rasband didn't prepare a talk for the meeting. Instead, he just did a Q&A with all the missionaries. I mean when does that ever happen? It was so great! He said before they do the assignments they fast and say a prayer to know perfectly where a missionary is to be sent. And if he assigns a missionary and realizes later that it was wrong, he will go back and fix it. As a prophet, seer, and revelator, he is entitled to the revelation of where to send a missionary. He basically just really confirmed to me that I am going where the Lord wants me to go. There are people in Canada that have been prepared to receive me. At the end he said to "go forward with faith, never again doubting where you are going." And I just love that! 

On Wednesday, we got 20 new missionaries! 19 are going to France, and 1 is going to Vanauatu. I got to teach all of them how to use the computers because I am now the online coordinator. I know, moving up in the world. They logged onto their e-mails after a solid 4 hours of being here and were like, "we get to communicate with the outside world! This is so weird..." Oh, just you wait little ones. Just you wait. 

Our teacher Frère Davis left us! He got an internship and they wanted him way sooner than expected. It was so sad. He told us on Wednesday, and then Thursday was his last day. It seriously felt like saying goodbye to a family member. We have spent so much time with him as a district and he has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. He gave me confidence and let me know that I need to stop being so hard on myself and stop feeling so inadequate. I am called of God, I can do this. He shared all of his mission stories from Paris, and it was the best. He struggled really badly with the language, but he honestly speaks like a native now. Apparently we are going to be getting a Tahitian as our new teacher. So we will have 2 native French speakers, yikes.

So one thing they do in the MTC is called TRC where we get to teach members in French. Well, it sounds great if they would have told us we were doing it. Instead, one of the instructors runs up to our class, dying (because 5th floor) he says, "Are you the French district!?" "Ah, oui," "Great, grab all your stuff you're teaching 2 20-min lessons right now!" HUH. WHAT. NOOO! We were so unprepared. But I told my comp, pick a topic and we're going to go with it. So we did restoration and it went awesome! My French is really coming along! I definitely feel more confident and people I talk to are really starting to understand what I'm saying. Yaaayyy!

Also, my comp and I got another investigator! Her name is Adriana and she moved to Utah about 8 months ago. She's doing this English language program through BYU and is super interested in our church. She was saying how she walks around and notices how we own everything, haha. But she doesn't drink or smoke (solid.) And she said what has made her the most interested is the missionaries. She loves that we are willing to give 18 months-2 years of our lives to go and serve complete strangers. Awesome awesome. She promised to start reading the book of Mormon and we are meeting with her tonight! Can't wait, she's super cute. And she loves to practice her English with us, and I love to practice my Spanish with her, win win. 

Wow. Okay. Longest e-mail ever. Sorry. I just have so much to say! This was such a good week. I am really happy! French is awesome, missions are awesome, the gospel is the best. 

Keep writing me!  

Love you all!

Until next week,

Sœur Ivonne Garcia 

Me with Sœur Sanchez who peaced out to Tahiti this week.
The sisters from my district with our sister training leaders who left for Lyon. (Don't mind our photobomber.)
Packages are the best! 
Weekly companion temple pics 
Our district with Frère Davis!

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