Last P-day in the MTC!

11:06 PM

Bonjour c'est moi!

Surprise! It's my final P-day in the MTC and it's on a Thursday rather than a Friday. What? Yes, because I have in-field orientation tomorrow because guess what? I AM ACTUALLY LEAVING! We got our flight plans last week and we have to be at the MTC travel office at 2:30 am on Tuesday
. There went all my hopes and dreams of having cafe rio right before I peaced out of Utah. Oh well, I don't even mind that much because on Monday I will be in Montreal! Somebody pinch me.

This week has been...weird. It was a normal week but not really because it also happens to be my last week. I can't believe that my time is actually coming to an end. I have learned way more in the MTC than I thought I would! My french has improved heaps and bounds, but I still look forward to getting to the field and learning more (especially quebecois). My comp and I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of Montreal this week, and it has gotten me pumped to get there. 

Our devotional this week was by Rafael Pino of the 70. And the coolest part? He did it in Spanish! He had a translator, but it was still so cool to have him speak in his native language. It reminded of conference a couple years ago when they did that. He spoke about our mission call letter. Often times a lot of people only focus on the place, language, and date because its the most popular part by far. However, it is a letter from the prophet! Now I don't know about you, but I haven't gotten too many letters from President Monson. He mentioned how although the ending part of each mission call says the same thing, they are intimately personal. My favorite is that at the end it mentions that as a result of serving, we will receive greater blessings and happiness than we have ever experienced. How amazing is that? I've already been able to see so many blessings as a result of my mission, and it's amazing the amount of happiness that I've felt. 

This week our teacher challenged us to a "love battle" where we had to serve our companion as much as possible. Frère Taua told us that as a result we would be more in sync and have a greater Christ like love for each other. It was really hilarious because everyone would like sprint to the door to open it, or run and grab a chair for you, or get you paper towels in the bathroom. We also wrote each other nice/encouraging notes. And although it was a bit weird, it was actually pretty fun! And as we served each other, we definitely grew closer which was a big goal.

Sœur Zobrist and I taught some of our final lessons this week! And it was awesome because we taught frère Taua and frère Nollet on the same day, and got them both to commit to baptism! It was so great! We also got to teach one final skype TRC and it was so fun. We taught the cutest old man who lives in France, his name is Sergio. We taught about the book of Mormon and were able to just testify of it's truth and how it has helped in our lives. Then we shared favorite scriptures and he showed us his dog! (His wife is the regard, mon chien! lady) It was great! We have been preparing a lot of lessons, and then completely changing them as soon as we start teaching. It's been nice though because we can focus on the investigators needs and teach by the spirit which is the main goal.

Anyways, the mission life is fantastic! I am so excited that in 5 short days I will be in Montréal. I love all of you and hope you have an amazing week!

With all my love,

Sœur Ivonne Garcia 

Scripture of the week: 
Alma 29:9

Quote of the week:
"You like prunes and grape nuts? What are you, an 80 year old man!?" -Sœur Prince

The cliché map pic
Frère Nollet had a birthday! Enjoy this awkward pic of him
Last comp temple trip
Our cute door! 
My companion got bangs today! 
My mission is the one in blue. The one that goes clear the heck up to no man's land? Yeah that one.

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