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10:15 PM

Mitch and I received this email (including pictures) from the mission home upon Ivee's arrival in Canada. It was comforting to know she made it ok; more importantly, that she was in good hands. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways leading up to this point; so grateful for Him and those who have helped Ivonne's mission become a reality. 

18 March 2016
Dear Brother and Sister Brown:
Sister Ivonne Garcia has arrived!!! We are so pleased to welcome her into the Canada Montréal Mission. We met her and spent time getting to know her at the mission home before she was assigned. Sister Garcia's first assignment is in the Longueuil Sud Stake and her first companion is Sister Agapinan, whom we have prayerfully selected to be Sister Garcia's trainer.
We want to thank you for entrusting Sister Garcia to us. It is a sacred privilege to share experiences and testimony with those we meet. We know Sister Garcia will work hard both mentally and physically, build relationships of trust with companions, members, and investigators, and experience God in her life. Through such service, she will mature in remarkable ways.
We will stay close to Sister Garcia throughout her mission through personal interviews and other meetings. 
May you share in and feel the blessings of Sister Garcia's service.
President Victor P. Patrick & Sister Elizabeth F. Patrick

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