2 Months!

10:14 AM

Hello all!

This week i will hit my 2 month mark on the mission. Time fly's am I right? And the craziest thing? I still can't speak any french! Oh well. It's coming, slowly but surely. Well, congratulations everyone, I don't have too much time to write so this will be kept short!

This week was good! It snowed one day, freezing rain the other day, and sunny and 50 the next. And everyone thought Utah has bipolar weather. T'is not the case. Last Sunday was Easter! That was such a good day. In french you say Jouyeuses Pâque! So for the past week everyone I encountered I would just smile and say that and some would look at me weird and walk away. It's actually really funny how many people get weirded out when you smile and say hi to them. 

We have 2 awesome progressing investigators that I want to tell you about! One's name is Melissa and she has a baptismal date for April 30th, and she is just the best. Honestly, she has such a strong testimony and before we even taught the word of wisdom she decided she had to give up smoking and asked Heavenly Father for help and said she's had 0 cravings. She's solid. The other one is Suzanne and she was a referral. She is the best. She's going through some really big trials and has decided to let Christ help her through them. We have had some really great lessons and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. Best part? She actually read it and called us to tell us how it went! Normally we have to hunt people down to ask them about commitments. I swear, it's like pulling teeth.

Easter was great! We had dinner with our most recent convert, Lucy. She doesn't cook, but has friends that own restaurants so we had sushi for Easter dinner. I'm not even mad about it, it was so good! Yesterday I got to go on exchanges with the sister training leaders and that was so fun! I got to be in a different area and teach new people. One of the men we taught just wanted to bible bash and couldn't get past the trinity. He even pulled out a giant hardcover bible that literally said "best seller" on it haha. It was great, we just testified, left him some verses to leave, and peaced out.

The miss is great! Hard a lot of times. But great!

Hope you are all doing great! 


Sister Garcia 

Scripture of the Week:

1 Corinthians 15:21-22

Quote of the week:
"My motto is always say yes to chocolate" 

Rue Maple! It was so Canadian that I couldn't resist 

My Easter dinner haha

District pic! Elder Perry, Brown, Stanley, and Jenks, then Sister Agapinan, and me

Sister Prince!
Don't worry, they have good tacos here!

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