Survived a week-ish...

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I have officially survived one full week at the MTC. 9 days to be exact but I mean, who's counting? YOU ALL BETTER BE. jokes jokes

Well, lets see...I was going to be really smart and bring my journal so that I could tell you everything that has happened this week, but...I forgot. Woops. Its hard because all the days just mesh into one and all of a sudden a week just feels like one really really long day. 

I made it to Sunday, the day that everyone rumors if you make it to you can survive the rest of the MTC/ Mission. Only problem was that my first Sunday happened to be a fast Sunday. Which meant a 24 hour fast, and lots of different meetings in place of meals. It was very very long. But it was still good. We had a mission conference, and a branch conference, and a fireside, and lots of classes. The fireside was way good! Jenny Oaks Baker preformed, if you don't know who that is, don't worry neither did I! She is some super amazing violinist who's played all around the world and her father also happens to be Dallin H. Oaks, so that's pretty neat.

Tuesday we had a devotional by Edward Dube of the 70. He's from Zimbabwe so that was really cool! He talked about the Book of Mormon a lot, and how we need to learn it so that we can share it on the silver platter of our faith. He also talked a ton about families which hit me hard, because it's no secret that I miss them. It even made me cry. Something that I was trying very hard to avoid doing. Surprise, I am human! 

I received a ton of letters from family and friends this week and it was the absolute best! Thank you all so so much. I know some missionaries don't like letters because they want to focus on the work and blah blah blah. That's a bunch of ridiculousness because letters are the best thing in the world. This work is hard and knowing that I have people supporting me back home makes a world of difference. It seriously gives me the motivation I need to make it through the 12 hours of French class. Speaking about French, why did no one tell me that I couldn't be fluent in a week!? I thought that's what the gift of tongues was, but apparently not. Haha, I am so bad at French, it's pretty funny really. The other day my comp and I taught a lesson and we told him that the atonement would cleanse him of his peaches. PEACHES. Sin and peach are spelled the same but the e has an accent when its a sin. Cool, go me! Also, people in Montreal don't speak French, they speak quebecois. Which is French with a weird accent. So basically how they speak english in the south but it sounds way different. We had a sub who served in Montreal and he spoke to us in quebecois and I understood very little. Haha, pray for me.

This week we taught 5 lessons to our investigator (teacher) Charles. The first lesson was...awful. Haha my comp and I bombed it. We struggled with the language so badly. Everytime he asked us a question we would just look at each other and say, "Did you get that?" "No." "Same." How fun! But as time went on, we learned how to better prepare and were able to teach lessons that he actually understood! And by the end I was able to bear testimony to him without sounding like a complete bing bong. Gift of tongues ç'est vrai. And he committed to baptism. HUZZAAHH. 

My comp and I had such an amazing experience this week! We met this couple who likes to come to the MTC to get answers to some of the questions they have about the church. Their names are Jose and Hely and they are from Guatemala. They originally were supposed to meet with 2 English elders who never showed. We got to talking and they asked if it would be okay if they talked with us about the questions they had. And my comp and I were like, "YES." So we talked with them for about 45 minutes just answering all the questions they had like, "Why are mormons hypocrites" and "Why doesn't God love everyone equally?" hahaha. Super fun. I even got to speak with them in Spanish! Then at the end, they were like, "We loved speaking with you! Could we come again tomorrow?" YES. OF COURSE. AND EVERY DAY AFTER THAT PLEASE. Hahaha but today we taught Hely about the word of wisdom. She didn't get the whole coffee thing and thought we couldn't have chocolate! What? If that were a rule I would be in some serious trouble folks. But it went super well, and we are meeting with them again next week! Can't believe we get to teach real life people, it's so cool.

That's pretty much it...I hope you all have a really good valentine's day! I will just be eating some emergency chocolate with my comps, it's fine. Enjoy time with your loved ones for me! Really, you don't understand how important people are in your life until you can only talk to them once a week through e-mail. But all is well, I am doing great, haven't died of food poising or anything, so I'm pretty grateful.

Love you all! 

-Sœur Garcia.

 Sister Prince and I after a million hours of class
Temple with the district!
Our new classroom has these fake skies in them to make it feel like less of a prison, neat. 
I ran into Maddy Koller who flew out to the Adriatic North mission on Monday! 
We worked together over the summer.
Sœur Zobrist and I after actually teaching a successful lesson in French.

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