Week 15

12:13 PM

Hello everyone!

Well, Canada has completely bipolar weather. Last week it was so beautiful and sunny and warm, it actually felt like summer! And then somehow, someone switched a flip and now it's once again freezing, and even trying to snow. So…Canada basically doesn't care that there are supposed to be seasons, it's fine.

This past week was actually really good! Sister A and I were able to do a lot of service which is super fun because…pants…haha and of course demonstrating that Christlike love I have for everyone, that's cool too! One thing I have learned is that people atomically associate the sisters with being weak and the elders as being strong. Highly offensive, but it doesn't help that in our ward we have the biggest elder in the mission…he's super tall…and super Tahitian. When we were moving someone the trailer got stuck on the curb, and he literally just picked it up and moved it! And one of the members was like, "You're not human, people shouldn't be able to just do that" Haha so I guess why they always say,"Sisters, you can help clean and organize" But, it's okay, I'll get over it

We had zone training this week! I love trainings so much. It's like spiritual and information overload, but it's all so amazing. We focused on really just driving everything home to doctrine. Because if we are not using doctrine to help teach, it's pretty much pointless. We focused on 3 pillars which are application, principles, and doctrine.

Application = How
Principle = What
Doctrine = Why

And just to give you some solid definitions, 

Doctrine: Never changes, is 100% true, and relates to divinity.
Principle: Rarely changes, is true, and it really is what we need to be doing.
Application: The how of what we need to be doing.

And as long as we connect our vision with doctrine, it is going to be the most effective way to accomplish any goals that we have. So cool!

I got to go on exchanges this week with the sister training leaders! It was super fun. I love getting a change of pace. It was a really great way for me to see how to be bold in my teaching, and to always have Christ name on my lips. Everyone we talked to, we would just testify. It's amazing how powerful your testimony of the Savior can really be. Make sure you continue to strengthen and grow your testimony, it's so powerful! I'm trying really hard to break out of that zone where I just feel super awkward approaching random people and talking to them. I've learned that I got an amazing message and the worst they can do is say no. 

Cultural Facts:

1. Children just wander. Where are their parents? No one knows! It's not uncommon to see children between the ages of 4 and 11 just walking around with no adult in sight.

2. People are always super weirded out when you say hi to them. Most of the time I just get a super confused look or an awkward arm raised at me

3. You have to pay for your bags at the grocery store. They're super big on recycling and the environment and all that good stuff

4. At dinner, they won't ever offer you water. They only offer you juice or soda, and if you ask for water, they still give you juice 

-Sister Garcia

Scripture of the week:

Mormon 9:21 

Quote of the week: (The Spanish elders were on bikes, and then just got a brand new car)

Me: "Elders, where'd your hubcaps go?"
Elder: "Oh. They got stolen, we live in the ghetto"

All the sisters in the Longueuil Zone
Haha our lightbulbs burned out so we took some from the living room and they were too hot so sister A used socks to hold them
Decorating planners is a big thing here, so these are mine! Sister Zobs from the MTC Made me 2!

We got brand new pamphlets and look who I found! The Ayllon Family
We've got great elders haha

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