Week 17: 4 Months!

12:53 PM


Well this past week was BUSY BUSY BUSY. Which I must say, was awesome! I love being busy, it makes me feel like I am actually getting stuff done and that the work is moving forth! Plus it makes the days feel pretty short, and I always gratefully crash into bed and sleep until the next morning, it's great!

This week is the last week of the transfer. It is crazy to think that I will finally be done with my training! I am so happy to be done, not that it wasn't great or anything…but I feel like I finally have a complete grasp of how to be a missionary…well…kind of. However, I feel like with my luck I will be transferred just because I have finally grown to really love and get to know the people here haha. 

We had a mini-mission this past week! It was with Melissa who just received her mission call to Ecuador! She is awesome because she's completely trilingual, knows everyone and everything in relation to Lemoyne, and she's just super sweet and has a solid testimony. It was so much fun! We had her for 2 days and we got to go and teach, find, plan, have ward council, all the fun things. We even got to have a cute senior missionary couple over for lunch! It was great, I got to redeem myself from last weeks smoothie mishap.

An amazing experience this week was this Sunday we had a less active couple of a few years actually come to church. Apparently they are impossible to get a hold of, and their visiting teachers, and home teachers were making zero progress. Well we just happened to sneakily pass by and get them to make an appointment with us. And while we were at the appointment we told them we looked forward to seeing them on Sunday and would save them a seat! And apparently, it worked. The wife said that she felt bad thinking about us sitting alone in sacrament waiting for them to come. Yess! Make them feel guilty, it is a proven method. But seriously, they are awesome, such solid testimonies, they just don't come to church. 

Cultural Facts:

1. Bring your own wine is a thing at a lot of restaurants 

2. The malls close at 6, even on the weekends! What is that. 

3. Rollerblades are a very popular method of transportation

Love you all!

-Sister Garcia

Scripture of the week:

Mosiah 5:13

Quote of the week:

"I don't know why everyone's so hateful, all God wanted was for us to reproduce and be nice to each other"

Cute forest thing we found 
Sister A, Melissa, Me, and Sister Olsen
We did a David and Goliath FHE with Denzel and it was so fun!
Me, Melissa, Sister A

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