Week 18: What. A. Week.

12:56 PM


Holy Moly, I have so much to tell you all this week, so just try and bare with me okay?

First things first, transfer calls! I will be…

Staying in Lemoyne! Haha, shocking, I know. BUT, I will be getting a new companion! Her name is sister Johnson and she actually was companions with sister A in the MTC. Small world. And sister A is going to be going to Greenfield Park! Which meets in the same building, but it's in English. So that means she will be in a different district, and stake, and zone. So I will see her, but not really. 

We had zone training again this week! Even though we just had it recently, it was so good! We learned about what it truly means to be converted unto the Lord. Which is a giant deal because you can't convert anyone beyond your own conversion. So as a missionary, if I am not 100% converted, there is no way I will be able to get my investigators to become converted. Our goal is to "Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts" we are not here to baptize people with weak or shaky testimonies, we need people to be converted! Also, we made a zone goal to reread the book of mormon these next 6 weeks which I am stoked about. Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion, if that's not true, our religion just crumbles.

We have a new investigator! Her name is Margalie and she's from Haiti. I'm telling you, Haitians and Africans just love us! Anyways, she met with missionaries a couple years back but then just got super busy and lost contact with like all of them. She's super sweet and cool though, so I am hoping there are some good things in store with her, she's really receptive which is awesome.

We have this little boy named Denzel that bishop has asked us to do Family Home Evening with the past 6 months to help him prepare for baptism, because he needs more time. Well he is like a huge ball of energy, and sometimes I really wonder how much he gains from us being there…but he must have gained something because he finally got baptized this week! It was the happiest thing. He was beaming and his sweet mom Jennifer made all of us some really good haitian "La soupe" Oh wow, it was the best. 

Oh. Also, at his baptism, this…interesting…gentleman decided to stop in so we spoke with him and it turns out he was incredibly angry. He told us about how his dad and sister just died, and because his dad was part of the Irish mafia some people came and roughed him up and took half a mil from him. I don't even know. We just tried to get him out of the church, and away from the baptism. I gave him a book of mormon, said if he needed comfort to read it. Then he swore a lot, and said he was going to move haha 

Elder Renlund of the quorum of the 12 and Elder Gong of the 70 came to our stake conference this past weekend! How lucky are we? It was such an amazing experience to hear from an apostle of the Lord and their cute wives too. Pretty impressive thing, sister Renlund gave her whole talk in French! It was so great. And what I really gained from Elder Renlund is, "It doesn't matter where you come to the knowledge of your Redeemer, as long as you come to that knowledge"

Also, I got to meet the both of them at the end and Elder Renlund just said, "Sister Garcia, thank you for all that you do" and that was AWESOME. Apostle of the Lord right here in Quebec! It was so great, doesn't happen very often.

Well, that's all I will share but it was a great week! I am so excited for what's in store this next transfer!

À bien tôt! 

-Sœur Garcia

Scripture of the week:

D&C 4:3

Quote of the week:

"I wanted to go to the conference, but it was raining…"

Mirror selfies cuz had to  
Our relief society president got us a cake because she said we deserve it, much love 
Talented members here in Lemoyne
Sister A, Me, Jennifer, and Denzel!

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