Week 21:

11:30 AM

Hey everybody!

This week was nice and full, so much is happening all the time. I feel like I just had P-Day yesterday, yet here I am sending another weekly e-mail! This week we will have Canada Day! But because Quebec doesn't want to be part of Canada, they have their own independence day called St. Jean-Baptiste day! We tried contacting on that day and everyone wanted nothing to do with us…so that was cool.

We had a departing devotional with President Patrick! This week our new president, President Phillips, will be arriving and taking his place. But President and his family took the time to come and say goodbye to all of the zones in the mission. They gave us life advice, and shared their experiences during their 3 years here. It was really fun to just all be together and really get to know the Patricks! I am sad that they're leaving us, but I know that they made a great contribution to the mission. 

We have 2 new amazing investigators! One's name is Marie Lourde and I am not 100% sure if she lives in our area…we have her teaching record and I know the missionaries before us took the time to visit her. But either way, her area is absolutely gorgeous, there's so much land, and this beautiful lake, and wow, I miss the gorgeous Utah landscape sometimes. However, Marie Lourde is awesome! She met with missionaries before, and said that she is willing to try again with us! She appreciates that we're girls and really loves that we are willing to give 18 months to go teach others about Christ. 

Our other investigator is Gilbert! He is amazing. We have been trying to meet with him for I don't even know how long…since before my time. We finally got a lesson with him and it was amazing! He was very engaged, had amazing questions, and I could see this light in his eyes that just beamed while we discussed the gospel. He's special for sure.

That's about it for this week. Keep being great! 


Sister Garcia

Scripture of the week:

1 John 2:5-6

Quote of the week:

"What's that song…I have a bike with no handle wheels?"

At the lake we found!

Creepy truck that drives around playing music and will sharpen your knives and stuff for you 

Elders gave us some sour patch souls…and apples 

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