Week 20

10:00 AM


Bonne Fête des Pères! (A day late)
Forever grateful for all the amazing men that have been such a positive influence in my life!

This was my first full week with Sœur Johnson and it actually was really great! We have been able to get a lot of work done here in Lemoyne, and I love it! The people have been responding super positively to our companionship which not only makes the work more enjoyable, but it also makes the work easier. We have 3 new investigators and a lot more potentials that are in need of contacting! One day we actually spent a couple hours just calling formers and we probably called over 30 people and only 4 said they were willing to meet again, but that's okay! 4 people is still 4 people.

One of our new investigators is actually the sister of another investigator. Her name is Virginie and last time we were over she wanted nothing to do with us. However, this time we passed by and caught her while she was getting her hair done, so she had to stay and listen. She actually payed attention and participated! At the end she even asked if we would sing a cantique with her. So we sang and afterwards she was like, "can I give you my cellphone number and you can come again?" Yes please! 

Another new investigator's name is Noel, he was a referral from the Spanish sisters and is super nice! One problem we had was that we can not go into a man's home unless a woman is there. So we called to see if he was married (mistake) and he said, "Yes!" so we go over and ask where his wife is and he points to heaven and said, "She's up there" Wooops. So we had to teach him on the front porch, thankfully it was a beautiful day!

Our last new investigator's name is Sylvain. He was a referral from one of the members in our ward. Once again, a porch lesson because finding women to go with us last minute is still a current problem. But, that's okay! He's super nice, super responsive. I have great hopes for him and for everyone else!

This week we have our farewell devotional with President Patrick before he goes back to Florida in a couple weeks and we welcome in a new President. I am nervous to have a new President, but also really excited to see what he has in store for this mission!

I hope you all have a great week!

-Sœur Garcia

Scripture of the week:

1 Nephi 10:18-19 

Quote of the week:

"I know you are a wonderful daughter of God, but I am not giving you my barbell"

Finally put up pictures to make grandma's basement more homey

New District! (E. Maire, E. Stanley, E. Baldobinos, E. Eakins, Me, S. Johnson)

Terrible selfie of messy room 

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