Week 42: Transfers

11:00 AM

Allô tout le monde! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we received transfer calls, and luckily I will be staying here in Gatineau with lovely Sister Paine! I am so happy, I would not have wanted it another way, especially for this upcoming Christmas season! 

This past week was not at all what we had planned for, yet it was amazing nevertheless!  I was able to go on 2 exchanges and they were really awesome, because I got to go into their areas. The first exchange was with Sister Ortega in Riverside. We only had 1 actual lesson planned for the day, but that fell through, leaving us with a pretty open day. However, I was very impressed that Sister Ortega had back up plans and then back up back up plans. The whole day was filled with pass bys and contacting. One cool experience was that we were able to have was with this Christian Buddhist named Poncho. He allowed us to help him rake up some of his leaves while he enlightened us of how he came to choose his religious path. It was all very bizarre, and I'm not sure he was all there. However, we talked about how the gospel brings us endless joy And the whole time he kept saying "give me the spiel, I wanna hear it". But we just informed him there was no spiel, just our own unwavering testimonies. He seemed pretty touched, and then let us leave with a prayer. It helped us to get the fire started, and by the end of the day we had managed to get 9 potentials!

I was able to go into Chapel Hill to hold an exchange with sister Rodriguez. I was super excited about this one because I kept hearing how Chapel Hill is the land of milk and honey. Let me tell you, it was a wonderful exchange. We were able to teach a lot of lessons, and sister Rodriguez did a wonderful job leading by the spirit. We were able to have a dinner in Spanish which just made my whole night and we even got to teach a lesson in French at the end!

As far as Gatineau's week went, it did not go as planned that's for certain. Every lesson, every day, fell through. It was honestly pretty frustrating. Sister Paine and I decided that rather than sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, we would just get out there and get to work. I'm so glad that we did, because one day within a span of 3 hours we had taught 5 lessons, receieved 3 potentials, and 2 new investigators. Miracles do happen when you just get out there and get to work! 

Another special experience happened to us on Saturday night. We were making phone calls and had a few people that were willing to set up some appointments, but it was pretty unsuccessful otherwise. That is until we got to the last phone call we wanted to make for the night. The man who we contacted was named Pierre. He did some work on a couple of the church buildings here in Ottawa and the only note that was left on the potential sheet said, "TEACH HIM." When we called, he just told us he wasn't interested because we're kind of weird, and we have weird rules, and we're a weird community. However, rather than just let him go, or ask who he knows that would be interested, I felt prompted to just try and continue the conversation. I asked him why he thought we were weird, if he's religious himself, what he wants out of life. Every question was completely spirit directed. Somewhere along the way, he confessed that he doesn't agree with his religion, and that he feels there is something more, something better. The table turned because he was asking us to go and meet with him this week. And at the end we asked if we could pray with him to which he just responed, "I would really like that". Imagine if we had just given up!

With the holiday season just around the corner, I would like to just let all of you know how much I appreciate and love you! I know it say it all the time in these e-mails but it's so true. I would not be able to be out here doing what I do if it wasn't for the endless support I have receieved. So thank you for all that you do, and all that you are!


Sœur Garcia 

Scripture of the week:

2 Nephi 32:3

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.

Quote of the week:

"Hi, I found your brothers phone on the train"
"Yeah, you're saved in here as sisters, so I figured he was your brother"
"We're sister missionaries!"

With Sister Ortega 
The nice dusting we got yesterday
Getting out the touques (beanies) 
District pic

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