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Well another week has just gone by here in Quebec, and I don't really even know where to begin…I guess I could start with my subject line. Quebec is a definite melting pot of culture. I have been called to serve in 3 languages and I mainly teach in French, sometimes English, and I've had a few Spanish encounters. However, there is a large population of Africans here who we have the privilege of teaching. Only problem is, they are also learning French. We have a couple investigators who speak Swahili and Lingala and we managed to get them materials in their native language, but we have to teach in French because it's the only mutual language. It's pretty entertaining, but they understand! They seem to have answers when we ask questions, so we progress, ever so slowly.

As for Mandarin…we have this super great recent convert named Lucy. Lucy is awesome, she speaks like every language, but we actually teach her in English. Anyways, she has a friend named madame Wong who wants to learn English. So Lucy decided we should teach Madame Wong English even though Madame Wong only speaks Mandarin and the tiniest bit of French. We tried to tell Lucy that we don't speak Mandarin and there are elders who do, but she wants us to teach her, and Madame Wong will teach us some Mandarin. Haha, how is it going to work? I have no idea. We will get Mandarin pamphlets and point a lot…but Lucy promised to help and Madame Wong promised to cook for us, so not a bad gig. 

We almost lost an investigator this week. That was pretty rough for sister Agapinan and I. We never have any idea what's happening in the world because we can't watch the news. And as it turns out, there was a bunch of anti-mormon stuff on there from the FLDS people and she decided she couldn't meet with us anymore. We somehow managed to calm her down and get her to agree to meet with us again, and we explained the difference between FLDS and LDS. That was great fun…

As for Melissa, she's awesome! Progressing great, super excited for April 30th when she gets to be baptized! She's so ready, her testimony has definitely kept me going through the rougher days. She's the investigator every missionary wishes they could have, so lucky she's mine.

On a fun note, we have this thing called an 'area book' and it's just a record of investigators, members, potentials, all that good jazz from the past couple years. The missionaries always write a little bit of background, lessons taught, and even why a person stopped being taught. My favourite one I found said, "They don't really understand French and are a little lost. They never really were investigators, just some confused immigrants who let some nice young men in." hahah and thats why the language barriers are so fun.

Miss and love you all! Enjoy your spring while I continue to freeze in the great white north.

-Sister Garcia 

Scripture of the week:

Joshua 24:15

Quote of the week:

"If it's the Mormons, not today!"

I broke the door at church…bishop didn't believe me when I called to tell him 
It snowed again this week!

Like actually snowed...

Cute Melissa wants to feed us after her baptism
Lucy and Madame Wong!
Sister Agapinan and I just for fun

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