First transfer down!

11:30 AM

First things first, Congratulations to my cousins Madison and Shaelyn for getting engaged! How exciting is that! Wow, definitely going to try to refrain from crying about the fact that I can't be there. Also, survived my first transfer calls! I will be staying in Lemoyne with sister Agapinan, and finishing training! I know, pretty surprising…

This past week was pretty great! I got to go to the temple last P-day. We're allowed to go once a transfer (6 weeks) and this was my first time! We went with a ton of other missionaries, and it really was just the best. I had so much fun and it was a nice break from the rest of the world. The Montréal temple is super small, but so cute! It just got rededicated last year so everything is really new and pretty. Plus they have maple leaves in the details of everything which is so Canada. 

I got to go to a baptism too! It was for the GreenField Park ward (English speaking) and it was awesome! It makes me so excited for Melissa's baptism.All of the missionaries did a nice little musical number for the baptism, and I still am tone-deaf but the other missionaries made up for it. The woman who got baptized is named Sandra and she is just so sweet, so much love to give everyone. 

We lost 2 investigators this week which was a huge downer. But sometimes people just aren't progressing, or it's not their time, and you have to move on. However, there was a silver lining! We got 2 new investigators! Funny how the Lord works! We found them when we were out contacting on a beautiful day and they were stoked that I speak Spanish (barely). But we got to talking and they asked about where we're from, what we're doing here, our purpose, all that jazz. The wife was not having it, she thought everything we taught was ridiculous. But her husband and son were pretty interested and invited us back! We had a really good lesson about who God is, and what our purpose is on earth. It went super well, so wish us luck!

Anywho, not too much time left, so I'll just leave it with that. 

Scripture of the week:

Alma 26:12

Quote of the week:

"And so I did an emotional blackmail to the Lord…and it worked!"

Temple with the beautiful GreenField Park sisters 
Faith (Sandra's daughter), Me, and Sandra

My beautiful Sister Prince 
Sandra and I post-baptism
This cute little girl made us hulk pudding haha

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