Week 32

12:49 PM

Hola Hola,
In all honesty I don't have that much to share with you all this week. After our miracle day on Monday, sister Bradley got pretty sick and so that slowed down a lot of our work.  However, we did manage to get some lessons in, and see some big improvements in our work.
Last week I e-mailed you about some of the new investigators we found! We haven't been able to see all of them again, but we have lessons planned for this week. However, we did get to see Ricardo again! (Guatemalan) We taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it! He said that everything makes sense, and he doesn't understand why more people don't use this plan. He's been reading the pamphlets we give him, and is excited to get into the book of Mormon. We invited him to continue to pray for baptism on Oct. 8th and he said he will. We really want to get him to church, that way he can meet more people, and feel the special spirit that we have there each week.
Emilio and Ana are still progressing. We finished the plan of Salvation with our member Janine. Emilio was super receptive to all of it as well. He said he hadn't heard anything like it, but he loved it! Ana was pretty distracted with her son, and so I don't feel she was able to grasp the whole concept of it. They are great though! Emilio gave us the classic "I've already been baptized" excuse. To which we replied that even though Heavenly Father recognizes that it was an expression of his love for him, it must be done by proper authority in the same manner as Jesus Christ. He accepted our invitation, and says he will prepare to be baptized. He also needs to come to church but the funny thing is, his boss goes to church on sunday and leaves everyone else to work!

This week I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Torres! When we go on exchanges we always have to go into the sister training leaders area, so I spent my whole day on the west side of the island. It was really great, their area is so different! Most people over there speak English, and they live in actual houses rather than apartment buildings and duplexes. We were able to teach a couple of less actives which is always really fun. I love that every less active I encounter knows that they are less active. They always say, "I've been a member for __ years, but I've been less active for ___" It is amazing to see that even though they don't go to church, they still have a strong testimony. Most commonly someone offended them, or they didn't feel welcome. That just goes to show how important it is for wards to fellowship and develop a sense of unity. Every member has the responsibility of reactivating those who have lost their path.
At church we had 6 of our less actives show up! I always get so excited when I see a less active walk in. One of the women who showed up is named Jessy Caceres. She is amazing. She is divorced and lives here with her 4 children. She works around the clock to provide them with everything they need. We've been visiting her since we got here, and eventually were able to start meeting with her children. She was excited to come back, and help strengthen her family. However, her kids are to the point where they're not even sure if there is a God. They were willing to listen in on lessons because their mother sort of made them. But 2 of them came to church on Sunday with her! I was so happy. Little by little, I have so much hope for that family.
As far as this week goes, that's pretty much it. I love you all!
Hermana Garcia
Scripture of the week:
Mosiah 23:10
Quote of the week:
"You're from Ecuador? Well that's okay...Viva Mexico!"

Awesome umbrellas at the mall 
Hermana Torres 
Orange Julep! Yes, that is a sign advertising that they are a pokemon go arena 
Love my beautiful sisters

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