Week 31: Miracles have not ceased

11:00 AM

WOW. I have so much to write because this past week was just amazing. Actually, not even the full week, mainly yesterday was miracle after miracle after miracle. I could not believe that life was real and that I was actually witnessing everything that happened.
Our whole district has completely changed. We now have 5 sets of missionaries, 3 serving in Zarahemla. I was a little worried about how it would all work out, but Heavenly Father has big plans for us. In district meeting we made a goal that every week each team would have 2 investigators with a baptismal date, 2 investigators at church, 4 lessons taught with a member present, and 2 new investigators. That can be a little difficult when you experience the dreaded "dry spell". Last week a lot of our plans fell through, and I just kept telling sister Bradley, "It's because a miracle is coming, I just know it!"
Well, yesterday we were able to witness the miracles that were awaiting us. We ended up having 5 lessons and adding 6 new investigators to our teaching pool, 5 who have a baptismal date. Crazy! I will give you a little bit of background on all of them.
Javier: He is from Peru and currently attends the Catholic church. We found him as a potential in our phone and decided to give him a call. He was really happy to meet with us, and after teaching the restoration he asked us to start reading the book of mormon with him
Luis: We found Luis as we were walking the street. We kind of chased him down after we saw that he was hispanic and knocked his door. He is from Peru as well and told us he only had 5 minutes to talk. We ended up teaching him the restoration on his doorstep and he said he invited us back to teach him more.
Roberto: Roberto was a referral from the French sisters. He is from the Dominican Republic, and is really great. He has a desire to learn more, and is surprisingly in tune with the spirit. He said he will pray about his baptismal date because he has a desire to learn more, and wants to gain a testimony of it.
Ricardo: Ricardo is from Guatemala! We met him contacting and he opened up so easily. He is currently evangelical but said that we remind him of his daughters and asked us to go and teach him. He is so genuine and loves the church's strong family focus.
And last but certainly not least, we have 2 siblings Angie and Michael. We met Angie when we knocked her door looking for her aunt Claudia. Claudia wasn't interested but Angie sat down with us and asked what our purpose was. We told her that we're hear to help people get closer to Christ. She informed us that she started searching for God a few months ago, and her family is currently leaving their church. Her family wants to start a church, but she doesn't know how she feels about that, and is seeking the truth. She loved the idea that we would come and teach her lessons and help her on her path. And Michael has the same urgency to find what's the true church.
We had a lesson with Angie and Michael yesterday with our member, Janine. It was amazing. We taught the restoration, and the spirit was so strong. Angie was able to relate to Joseph Smith in his desire to find the truth, she testified that there are a lot of people who are confused and genuinely want an answer. Halfway through the lesson, their pastor walked in. He sat on the edge of the couch and just observed. However, it was amazing to see how their eyes never wandered from our discussion. At the end, Janine gave a powerful testimony on the truthfullness of the book of Mormon and we invited them to read it and be baptized. They said that they are so curious about the book and they can't wait to read what's inside, and when they come to know it's true, they will be baptized. It was the best. Everyone even kneeled to pray at the end, including Angie's 2 year old daughter while the pastor watched in disbelief.
Basically, Heavenly Father is the best.I am so happy to be here right now, and serving in this area! I love Zarahemla, I love the gospel, I love the light that I witness in others eyes as soon as they start to hear our message. There is not a doubt in my mind that God exists and that he is so aware of each and every single one of us.
I love you all,
Hermana Garcia
Scripture of the week:
Alma 34:19
Quote of the week:
"Can we be proud of ourselves for being humble?"
Last P-day at the olympic stadium 
I know the owner of this car, he brought it to a baptism
All of the Zarahemla sisters! H. Bradley, Me, H. Santamaria Perralta, and H. Guzman

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