Week 30: 7 Months and Transfer Calls

10:49 AM

Hola hola!
So this week I will officially be hitting 7 months on the mission. What. And not to mention, my greenie, sister B is halfway through her training! Time is seriously just starting to speed by.
We received transfer calls on Saturday, and because I am training I am promised another transfer in my dear Zarahemla. I can't wait! However, there was still a lot of change that happened in the mission. We are getting 27 new missionaries, which means some new areas had to be opened up. One of those areas happens to be Zarahemla Central! So we will have 2 sets of sisters and 1 set of elders in our ward. There are some big expectations for this ward, President wants to see baptisms, and growth. It's a bit stressful, so wish us luck!
As for our investigators, Nancy and her family are doing really well! There were some scheduling conflicts so we didn't actually get to teach them last week, but we have FHE tonight and then another lesson with them on Thursday. Also, we invited Nancy and her daughter Carol to come to the relief society activity where we made little plant centerpieces and they came! All the women love them and it was so nice to see her being welcomed with open arms.
We have a new investigator! His name is Emilio and he just makes me happy as can be. He was taught by the missionaries a couple of years ago but got dropped because his schedule only allowed him to meet with missionaries once a week. Well, we gave him a call and he was so excited to meet with us! We taught him the restoration and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! He said he wants to get closer to God and he believes this is the way to do it. Emilio even mentioned how he works on Sunday but he's going to ask his boss for a couple hours off so that he can come to church. Pretty perfect right? The only problem is that he's currently living with his girlfriend...and they're not married. But he want's us to meet her, and maybe we can figure out a way to get them married and baptized!
We started working with a former investigator named Scarlett. She is having a kid with one of our current less actives. Her boyfriend wants to come back to church, get married, and even get the priesthood! However, she had a bad experience at church that caused her to have some negative feelings toward mormons. We decided that the best way to approach it was to just be her friend. So we went and took a treat over, and spent some time getting to know her. At the end she invited us back and said that she's actually home all the time and pretty lonely. How great is that? She's opening up!
To end, I will share something super funny that happened this week. Sister B and I were contacting down a pretty busy street and we saw some men wearing signs that basically tell everyone the end is coming, and we have to repent now. So we just try to avoid them, but they come up to us and say, "Ahh, some fellow Christians!" Well, they starting going off about how we're wrong, and it was dangerous for us women to be out here because we need to just be at home having babies. Hhahaha. I was dying. I thought it was so funny. We just smiled as they continued to preach at us and walked away. Then as we walked away, we met some super nice hispanic men that were like, "are you with them"? Once we told them no, they were more than happy to talk with us. So we got 2 great contacts as a result of those crazy men.
Have a great week!
Hermana G
Scripture of the week:
D&C  6:36
Quote of the week:
"God said we had to love women, not understand them"

Sister J is the best
With Sister B at old port
With Nancy and Hermana Lopez at the RS activity
Happy to be here!
The elders of Zarahemla
With the wonderful Elder and Sister Hatfield who go home this week 

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