Week 26: 6 Months!

10:30 AM

How am I already at 6 months!?

I can not believe that 1/3 of my mission is already gone... time really does fly when you are having fun! That just means that I only have 1 year left to really give it my all. 

This week was pretty eventful, Zarahemla is definitely not Lemoyne. One day my companion and I went to go visit a less active who was at the hospital. Well, when they said hospital I figured that he had a broken leg or something. NOPE. We go to the address and we end up at a mental hospital! We find the building he's in and can't find a single person to talk to! So we see all these people that aren't all there kind of wandering around...and we manage to find an elevator. We get in the elevator and go up to the 4th floor to find someone to talk to and we see no one! Just warning signs saying 'Do not let any of the patients out' so we decide that it's pretty sketchy and we need to leave. As we attempt to leave we get stuck in the elevator! We were probably stuck in there for about 2 minutes as I was freaking out and praying that it would work. Eventually the doors opened and we sprinted back to the car. 

Our friend from last week stood us up! Lame. However, we found some more people that we could teach. As we were contacting, we met a woman who was super busy and rushing to go make dinner. We gave her our info but then kicked ourselves for not getting her info first. Then, a man walks up and we start talking to him. He has mormon family members and asked us to come share a message with his family! And the best part? His wife is the woman that we had talked to right before.

We were able to teach a couple lessons randomly at a park this week. We play "spot the hispanic" as much as we can. This past week it worked pretty successfully and we had 2 different people that let us teach them the restoration and pray with them! It was so great. We even got return appointments, we can not wait!

One thing that we found out is that we actually have 180 less active members. 180! That is basically enough to have a whole new ward. So sister B and I are planning to go become their new best friends and convince them how amazing church is!

I wish I could write more, but I don't have time. Just know that the mission is amazing, I am happy, and I love and miss you all!


Hermana Garcia

Scripture of the week:

D&C 121:7

Quote of the week:

"I heard mormon missionaries are part of the CIA and you're just here to get everyone's personal information"

Exchanges with S. Cunningham. I got to speak French all day and it was glorious
Our new church building is right in the city, they didn't have a sign in Spanish

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