Week 27

10:30 AM

This past week..was rough, but that is expected to happen every so often here on the mission! It was filled with a nice amount of rejection, wrong phone numbers, and addresses that don't exist. It's been pretty hard to not get discouraged, but I do believe that the trials in our lives are meant to help us grow and to greater appreciate all the blessings we do receive! So rather than focus on everything that didn't go well, I would love to tell you about what blessings I did see this past week!
1. We had 4 less actives at church! It may not seem like a lot but last week we had 1 and this week we had 4! And we even had one of them bring a friend, that's a big deal! There is nothing like a member fellowshipping.
2. We met this man named Jesus who we saw while contacting one day, we asked if we could share a thought with him and he said no but gave us his address. Then a couple days later we saw him again, and he was so nice! He introduced us to his family and said we could go back and teach them next week!
3. One day I was starving and we were pretty far from home so I made hermana go to the store with me to buy a granola bar. As we were walking in a woman from our ward stopped us and asked us to go over to her house for dinner. So later that night we showed up and her non-member uncle was there from Guatemala. We were able to teach a super powerful lesson on the nature of God, and everyone bore their testimony, even him! Then on Sunday she thanked us and said she knew we had been placed in her path for a reason.
That's pretty much all I have to share with you this week! I plan to just keep my head up and keep working hard. I know that I'm in the business of miracles and that there are people that Heavenly Father has prepared. Hermana B and I will go find them!
Hermana Garcia
Scripture of the week:
3 Nephi 13:21
Quote of the week:
"Si quieren vender, van a entender"
"If they want to sell to you, they'll understand you"

With Hermana Guzman

With Hermana Bradley

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