Week 34

4:54 PM

This past week was pretty exciting! We had zone training on Tuesday and Women's conference on Saturday which led to a spiritually uplifting week! Zone training focused heavily on the importance of Sabbath day and we discussed a lot how we could "make the Sabbath a delight". It's funny, the Sabbath was made for man as a day of rest and remembrance. However, as a missionary, Sunday is our busiest day! I always feel the most stressed out on Sunday because it's the last day of the week to really get everything done before we have to take numbers down and have our weekly call-in report. I've noticed that my Sabbath hasn't really been delightful, so I am setting some personal goals to really get more out of my Sabbath day.
Women's conference was amazing! Funny thing, I had to watch it in Spanish! I got really excited because I saw them set up 3 t.v.'s for all the different languages and I thought I would get to watch it in English. However, one of the t.v.'s broke and since the English speakers were all out numbered, we got the boot. Surprisingly though, I understood everything and was able to feel the spirit just as strongly as if it was in my native language. The talks were amazing! I can't wait until general conference this week. What an amazing opportunity to listen to the Prophet and apostles.
We taught Emilio the law of chastity this week, and sister Bradley and I were super nervous. Although, we learned a couple of things. 1. The woman he's living with is not named Ana, her name is Scarlett. (haha, woops) And 2. They're just friends! The lesson went fantasatic. We were able to testify powerfully and simply about why the Lord gives us commandments, and how they are all put in place for our benefit and for our protection. We introduced it boldly, but remembered to promise blessings. We had an investigator with us, and she bore a strong testimony about how this law has really blessed her marriage and given her comfort in knowing that her spouse is faithful, and her family is eternal. Emilio was super touched by everything, and said he will gladly live the law of chastity. His only problem is that he can't come to church because of work. He did promise to go to priesthood session though, and he said he's really excited! Our member even volunteered her husband to go pick him up, it was perfect.
Experience of the week: Hermana Bradley and I had everyone dropping and cancelling on us left and right, which gave us lots of time to go contacting. As we were walking we saw a man that looked Hispanic so we directed our course towards him. As we started talking we found out his name was Jose Luis, and he's half chilean, half quebecois. He was a little flirty, but not too much to where we were uncomfortable. As we started talking, he got really excited that we were here preaching religion. Then he turns to us and says "I want to get baptized, does your church do that?" YES. So we explained a little bit more on baptism, and he just ate it all up. Then he asked what he has to do to be baptized, and how quickly we could make it happen. I was looking around for the hidden cameras because there was no way this could be real, but it was! We have a lesson with him today, so we will see how it goes, wish us luck!
That's pretty much it for the week!
Hermana Garcia
Scripture of the week:
Alma 6:6
Quote of the week:
"Hermana Garcia, do you have dentures?"

District Activity

With the Silva girls a.k.a. my BFFs in the ward

 Beautiful view from the STLs apartment

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